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Welcome 🌸 This blog is dedicated to helping professional women untangle the far reaching effects of chronic stress and exhaustion. Disturbances in the body's stress response greatly affect the gut, thyroid function, metabolism, reproductive hormones and neurotransmitter activity. May this space provide helpful Naturopathic insights and a little reprieve from a fast-paced life.

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hey there!

I'm Lauren Glucina, experienced naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist, whose love language is...herbs!

I have a passion for helping professional women navigate chronic stress, exhaustion, nervous system dysregulation and the ensuing hormonal imbalances, so they can thrive in business and in life.

I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand, and am one half of the holistic clinic Herb + Chi. Glad to have you here!

BNatMed, AdDipNutMed, BCS

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